This is a brief sampling of our works

One Of A Kind Art


  Some items have been Sold and are no longer available for purchase. Please contact us if you are interested in a specifc piece for pricing and delivery information. We are continually creating and our inventory is constantly changing. Based on the nature of our art, we can seldom recreate a piece because of the unique and often times rare items we use. 

Non Electric Cell Phone Accoustic Amplifier


 This nonelectric cell phone accoustic applifiier is composed of a vintage Gramophone horn atop a foundry mold  base which has been converted into a sound box. The magnifier mounted to the front of the box provides for visual clarity of photos/videos 

which may be playing on the phone screen. SOLD. 

Nautical Style Wall Sconce


 This wall sconce is composed of a vintage pully mounted to corrugated tin which has been backed with barnwood. The Edison style bulb is suspended from the pully with rope wrapped wire.